Business Development

Acting as international trade consultant for a client, we offer professional services & market expertise to potential clients, applying adequate measures, for their business development in an importing country.
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Import/Export Consulting

We offer business solutions to the importer, exporter and investigating for firms needing to secure their products or establish a foothold in global market place. For years we have been helping small businesses
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International Trade VA

We are specialized in international trade and can be your Virtual Assistant (VA) and International Trade Specialist. Hire a virtual assistant who can work with you as you set up or continue your presence in the global economy.
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International Recruitment

Ms Marina Yohannan Velarde offers HR solutions and personnel mainly from Europe. Our Experience and expertise remains in dealing between western countries and emerging countries, with full knowledge in both types of markets and culture.
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About us

We are an International Trade Consultancy, with Proactive offices in India, Spain and Qatar. Besides having links with associate offices in many other parts of Asia through whom we work whenever necessary.

Having commenced with our activities in Europe 15 years back

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