International Recruitment

Ms Marina Yohannan Velarde offers HR solutions and personnel mainly from Europe.

Our Experience and expertise remains in dealing between western countries and emerging countries, with full knowledge in both types of markets and culture.

We have been in charge of several recruitment campaigns from Europe to Qatar-GCC. Government of Qatar, Ashghal (Publics Works Authority) Being our main client for whom we have achieved, their first and most successful campaign in the history of the Company. Since then, our knowledge of the market, data base and skills has been constantly growing and today we are adequately equipped with the right tools to deliver successful results

We provide tailor-made Recruitment Solutions adapted to any strategic recruitment plan of the Client in order to fulfill their requirements. From helping the Company to determine the right profile and target the most adequate market, to assist in the negotiations till the final job offer and contract, we use effective methods to find the right profiles and candidates.

Through the reliable collaborations we have developed in the course of time, as an international recruiter including, exclusivity contracts with government regulated associations, with whom we work together enabling access to a grand and regional data base of professionals in Spain, Portugal and Europe at large. Through our years of experience we have created a perfect platform of ‘Demand – Supply’ focused in the necessity of both sides, client and candidates. Offering the world with the best talent from Europe With a young, innovative and dynamic approach towards business…We believe in constant improvement and our research to keep progressing is endless.

Post Enrollment Process (PEP) We believe in building relationships… From the very inception of our company; we have made a definite policy and named it ‘PEP’

The principles of the PEP policy is to be in touch with both sides, the client and the candidate throughout. We are committed to make the recruitment process a successful ongoing experience for both parties, this is why our service is oriented to a long term success and we are precisely particular in our after sales service. Once candidate is ready to join the company, we personally assist and prepare the candidates to the new life in a different country and new work environment. Followed by a timely and close observation, communicating with both client and candidate in order to confirm the successfully result of the process.

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